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Practical Help

Dreaming of someone who can put away the laundry or get groceries, sterilize the bottles or *gasp* let you have a shower? I'm the type of person who doesn't need to be asked to put the dishes in the washer. My job is to show up and read what your needs are and help you and your other supports to meet them.

Sleep Support

Using current, reputable information, I can help your family find solutions to your sleep woes. Sleep is so invaluable when recovering from birth. You are worth the investment!

Note: I currently do not offer overnight sleep support, but can always partner with another doula or other specialist who does!

Feeding Support

Whether you are breastfeeding, formula feeding, or needing medical interventions to support your baby's nutrition, I am here to provide current information and support you in this process that many new parents find more challenging than they expected.

Medical Needs/Chromosomal Differences

Is baby coming home on oxygen? Recovering from surgery or a NICU stay? I've been there and can help you navigate  adjustments in your home, social engagements, and expectations of self and others to make this journey you may or may not have anticipated go smoothly.

Sibling Support

Whether you are needing time to bond with your new baby, or needing someone to give you a break so you can give some attention to adjusting siblings, a postpartum doula can help find ways to ensure all family members are getting the attention & care they need.

Medical Appointments

If your little one has medical needs, sometimes having a neutral person at their appointments can really help to ease anxiety. I can take notes for you, coordinate transportation, and debrief any difficult news. You do not have to be a medical parent on your own!

Note: My ability to offer this service depends on current Covid-19 restrictions as deemed by the Saskatchewan Health Authority

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